Among the Gods! RPG Adventure is Century Games’ next title now available for pre-registration

In recent years, fantasy Roleplay adventure games opened a new path for users to find an escape. The growing demand for these games has pushed popular game development companies to create new games to get their share of the market. Now a Singapore-based game development company, games of the century launch his fantasy Roleplay adventure Title, Among the Gods RPG Adventure now available for pre-registration at android mobile devices.

Build your team of heroes and challenge guild leaders in Among Gods! Adventure RPG

Among the Gods! RPG Adventure is set in a time of distress and destruction when the Power of the god of light is declining, while that of the god of darkness begins to rise. As darkness descends upon the world with the reign of evil forces and the land nears destruction, players will lead a squad of gods to fight against the forces of evil. These gods include legendary heroes from all kinds of factions.

To make the game more interesting and immersive, the development team included high-end 3D graphics with 3D scenes and models of 3D visceral art to keep users glued to the game. Heroes in the game can be built according to players’ preferences, which means players can develop their talents and make them invincible on the battlefield. Users will have to train their gods to become ultimate fighters capable of shattering the darkness that has spread across the world.

Image via Century Games Pte. ltd.

Players can create a strong team of 5 heroes to challenge PvE bosses, defeating these bosses will help them rank up and get special skills. Players can also summon heroes through the gacha collection in the tavern and unlock hero images in their gallery. The game also features a highly engaging story campaign with The heroic crusade, Arena, Stonehenge, Nightmarish Challenge, The truth trialand guild boss to do the PvP and PvE amazing experience.

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