Acclaimed Old School Adventure Explores Netflix’s Most-Watched Movies List

It Can’t Be A Coincidence We’re Less Than A Week Away From Sandra Bullock And Channing Tatum’s Romantic Action Comedy The lost city hits theaters, and the movie based on the book it originally took its title from has rocketed up the Netflix charts.

Bullock recently explained why the film was renamed from The lost city of Dbut the extended nomenclature hasn’t deterred James Gray’s acclaimed historical adventure The Lost City of Z to make a splash on streaming. According to FlixPatrolthe true story of determination, obsession, and exploration spent time on Netflix, iTunes, and Prime Video’s most-watched lists this week, which is an impressive return to the limelight.

The presence of Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland may also have helped, with the British duo currently breaking blocks with their respective superhero showings in The Batman and Spider-Man: No Coming Home. It’s Charlie Hunnam who stars, however, with a performance that once again underscores his understated dramatic chops.

the lost city of z

Actor Percy Fawcett goes deep into the Amazon in search of what many believe to be rumors and myths, as opposed to truth and facts. Although he has been widely mocked by the scientific community for his beliefs, he nevertheless embarks on a perilous journey to try to prove himself right.

The Lost City of Z may have bombed at the box office after making less than $20 million off a $30 million budget, but an 86% Rotten Tomatoes score points out that it’s definitely worth 141 minutes of your time if you’re a fan of old school epics.

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