A student was ordered to ‘dive into the trash’ as ​​part of the punishment

Wiggins, Miss. (WLOX) – “Cruel and unusual punishment” is cited as the reason a Wiggins mother is preparing to sue Gateway Christian Academy. The mum says her son was told to ‘go dumpster diving’ as punishment, and now the police are involved.

With cars driving along Frontage Rd., Kristen Vincent says her son Andrew was told by a school administrator to get into a dumpster and clean it out.

“It’s just disappointing for an adult to put a child in this situation,” Vincent said.

Wiggins’ mother said her son tore up a marker and was given twenty demerit points and a week’s detention for lunch and recess. She said she had no problem with that, but was devastated when she found out what happened next.

“The school principal decided it would be nice to approach my son and tell him he looks like someone who would go dumpster diving,” Vincent said. “He decided to add to his sentence. He had to go down in the dumpster and clean it out as punishment.

WLOX obtained a copy of the police report that Vincent filed with the Wiggins Police Department. She said she was told the case was turned over to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.

“He got into the car sick in the stomach,” she recalls. “I mean, from a medical standpoint, being in health care, just the potential things that could have been in the dumpster on the side of the road.”

WLOX learned that corporal punishment is a form of discipline at Gateway Christian Academy. It’s written in the manual, and it’s something Vincent agreed to when he enrolled his son. However, she said there was a caveat when reading the manual.

“It is the school’s desire that the disciplinary action taken be appropriate to the offense and be carried out in a manner that is not demeaning to a student, but effective in teaching,” she said. read.

The school released this statement in part: “Gateway Christian Academy protects the safety and privacy of the families and students who are part of our community. The allegations against us are inaccurate. We would not put a child at risk as safety is a top priority.

“School officials are commissioned reporters,” Vincent added. “It’s not okay, it’s child endangerment.”

In a statement, Gateway Christian Academy added, “When disciplinary action is required, a course of action is always discussed with a parent or legal guardian on file and the outcome is agreed upon.”

Kristen Vincent and the child’s father have joint legal custody.

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