A deep dive into the brand new WEB3 GameFi platform — Grok

What happened: A team with more than 10 years of experience in traditional game development, which has participated in well-known projects, including Warframe, the War Machine series, Civilization Online, New World, etc. They will build a Web3 metaverse. The team is cautious and decided to start with a GameFi product.

« Grok means « to understand », it means that when you understand something, you become part of it and even fall in love with it.—- Raven, environmental spokesperson for Grok.

Grok is currently developing an online multiplayer sandbox game and providing a powerful visual game editor. Anyone can use their editor to create their own game world and define any gameplay. You don’t need to know how to program, and you don’t need artistic skills to create various gameplays such as adventure, construction, management, growth, battle, social interaction and competition.

Important info: There are 1000 charming PLANETS in the Grok ecosystem, by holding a PLANET you can get:

  1. Airdrop of 100 LAND NFT (ERC-721), and having the right to use and exploit the land, you can get the income from creating game content in the land. Sure, you can also choose to rent the land to other users and let them help you build the planet, and all you have to do is collect the rent.
  2. Airdrop of 10% of the total $GROK token supply (100 billion GROK airdrops).
  3. Stake PLANET to earn Grok honors and participate in the Groker Identity Growth System.
  4. The privilege of having all the games from the entire GROK ecosystem.

At the end, Grok plans to release its first game in the third quarter, the game will be rolled out with the “play and win” mechanism. Grok Eco Discord users can get free game opportunities.

Official site: https://www.grok.earth
White paper: https://docs.grok.earth
Twitter: https://twitter.com/grokverse
Discord: https://discord.gg/grokverse

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