’80s Movies That Deserve the Top Gun: Maverick Treatment

Superior gun shines as iconic, still holding the love of many original fans. With Top Gun: Maverick recently released and already attracting attention as perhaps the best of both Superior gun movies, it raises the possibility of other past favorites that deserve a chance to shine again.

Taking a film that had its heyday in the ’80s and refreshing it for today’s audiences without losing the original’s luster can seem like a challenge three decades later. However, both Top Gun: Maverick and Prime Video Coming 2 America proved that it was a challenge worth taking. A lot of the magic is seeing the original cast bring their chemistry back to the screen. Pair that with a new plot to tie in with the original, and a winner emerges. But which films are worthy of such an honor? Here are some contenders.

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What happens to the princess bride after she is finished being married?

So loved is the 1987 film The princess to be married that during the 2020 lockdown, a host of Hollywood actors pieced together and filmed the story in chapters away from home. While the production certainly exemplifies Hollywood’s desire to be behind the story, this isn’t a new movie to carry on the legacy. Many actors, including Cary Elwes (Westley), Robin Wright (Princess Buttercup), Mandy Patinkin (Iñigo Montoya) and Wallace Shawn (Vizzini) are still active in Hollywood. Perhaps if they were tempted by the good continuation of the story of Westley and Princess Buttercup, they would return to reprise their roles.

In the original film, Westley and Buttercup face trials to prove that true love triumphs over all. But love comes in many forms. They touched on romantic love; and then?

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Ridgemont High’s teen fast times aren’t all that different from today

The 1982 coming-of-age comedy Fast times at Ridgemont High encapsulates the teenage experience in all its awkward glory. Of course, it’s a concept that never gets old. If the writers choose to take a storyline involving the children of previous characters Coming 2 America-style or take on adults in a new light, social awkwardness never dies. Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Robert Romanus are all currently active in Hollywood. And while Judge Reinhold and Phoebe Cates don’t have any current projects listed, they might just go along with the right story. It never hurts to ask, especially when fans would like to see them again.

Dirty and rotten scoundrels have a whole new generation to corrupt

In 1988, Steve Martin came to the screen as the charming con artist Freddy Benson. He entered into a hilarious lopsided partnership with polite con artist Lawrence Jamieson, played by Michael Cain. The two assume the other is their main rival while completely missing the mark. Dirty rotten villains left viewers rolling as the two undermined, sabotaged, and crossed paths at every turn, all while pretending to be civil.

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Since Martin and Cain are still filming work, they might be willing to consider returning to those roles. After all, Cain’s Jamieson spent the movie making Martin’s Benson a suave and sophisticated confidence man. How nice would it be to see them preparing the next generation?

Flight of the Navigator’s Max surely needs to see how humanity has changed

Disney isn’t afraid to dive into its archives and dust off old concepts, breathing new life into them. Sometimes these fall flat, especially with many of their rather forced animated sequels. But sometimes they do magic — Disney pun intended. They’ve already proven they can revamp a good sci-fi idea by updating the 1975 Escape to Witch Mountain and the release of 2009 Race to Witch Mountain. Surely they could take the 1986 alien encounter movie, Flight of the Navigatorand bring it back to life.

Flight of the Navigator has a very different take on the concept of alien and human interaction, time travel, and who needs who. However, its underlying message of sameness is still as relevant as ever. A reboot was announced in September 2021, directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, but it’s unclear if any of the original cast will make an appearance. The main actors, Joey Cramer, Paul Reubens and Sarah Jessica Parker, are always busy in Hollywood, so Disney wouldn’t have to go back in time to catch their actors.

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The last unicorn has won the battle, but what about the war?

The 1982 animated feature film The last unicorn has a devoted audience and is currently being adapted for stage and live-action film. As exciting as it sounds, a direct sequel to the first film might still be worth exploring. The original film had an impressive cast of actors, including actor Jeff Bridges as Prince Lir, Mia Farrow as Unicorn, and Alan Arkin as Schmendrick the Magician. Seeing how the movie was animated and the main actors are still working, making a sequel could be as easy as finding the right plot. No aging needs to be addressed when it comes to the characters since they are voice actors. Thus, the characters could resume their story the next day without too much difficulty. After all, the red bull was pushed into the ocean, but what fear holds the beast there?

Twins: pushing the boundaries of genetic possibility in the name of comedy

It seems that successful reboots of movies like Top Gun: Maverick haven’t gone unnoticed as other highly rated 80s movies are currently expected to get the Top Gun: Maverick treatment. One of those movies is a 1988 comedy about long-lost brothers, Twins. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito reunite, not only with each other, but they have another long-lost brother. They are Triplets. It is currently in pre-production with no release date announced due to the unfortunate passing of its director, Ivan Reitman. In March 2022, Schwarzenegger reassured fans that the project was still on the way once they found a new director, which is good news because not only does the cast include Schwarzenegger and DeVito, but Eddie Murphy and Tracy Morgan are also there. Now that’s a comedy gold lineup.

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