8 best Stone Ocean characters, ranked

Part 6 of Jojo’s bizarre adventure, Ocean of stone, is finally animated and released on Netflix, introducing viewers to a host of new Jojo characters. With the first wife Joestar, Ocean of stone follows Jolyne Cujoh as she tries to save her father, Jotaro Cujo, while she is locked in prison. With new Stands and Stands battles, new allies and enemies, as well as new intrigue and convoluted storylines, that’s it. Jojo fans have come to love it and more.

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Ocean of stone has a comparatively much smaller distribution than Golden Wind, centered tightly around a central group of characters for the duration of the series. This means fans have a lot more time to get to know the main characters like Ermes and Pucci, as well as more time to pick their favorites.

8 Narciso Anasui

Narciso Anasui smiles in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Anasui, by her own admission, is not doing well. He’s a serial killer who seems largely unapologetic and blunt about his actions, and is apparently so unstable he’s only held in check by the gentle energy of Weather Report. One of the anime’s most underrated villains, Anasui dismounts his victims, then rearranges them into usable tools without flinching, especially given his obsessive love for Jolyne.

In many ways, Anasui’s love for Jolyne mirrors Pucci’s feelings for DIO – destructive, all-consuming and fatal. Like Pucci’s belief that DIO will lead him to Heaven, Anasui believes Jolyne will “cleanse” him. While Anasui will do anything to protect Jolyne and help her, her uncontrollable feelings ultimately lead to tragedy. But it’s these flaws and parallels that make Anasui such an interesting and memorable character.

seven White snake

Whitesnake smiles devilishly in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Although it is only a booth, Whitesnake has a distinctive personality and a certain autonomy from Pucci. For a large part of Ocean of stone, Whitesnake is the one Actually putting Pucci’s plans into action and therefore is the one audiences see most often, which almost makes him an antagonist in his own right. Unlike many other Stands, Whitesnake often speaks on his own, rather than just as a spokesperson for Pucci, and has a lot to say about the nature of the world and his observations of the characters.

These unique traits make Whitesnake stand out, but his transformation throughout the series has made him one of the most important characters in Ocean of stone. As Pucci’s plans progress, Whitesnake gains more and more power until he eventually evolves into what DIO designed as “the ultimate booth”: Made in Heaven. As Made in Heaven, Whitesnake’s powerful time travel ability is responsible for fundamentally changing the course of Jojo’s bizarre adventure–whose full effects are still under study.


6 Weather report

Split image from Weather Report tilting head and sitting in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Weather Report’s sudden and unexpected turnaround is one of the most memorable moments in Ocean of stone. When introduced, Weather is a calm and deeply eccentric amnesiac whose quirks were entertaining and endearing, and whose compassion led him to die almost painfully to save Jolyne. The weather is even able to keep Anasui under control, a pretty big feat considering the man’s seemingly uncontrollable violence.

Weather with his memories is an apathetic and bitter man with a singular desire to kill Pucci. He still maintains his principles and stands up for Jolyne, but he’s very, very different from the weird, gentle man the audience has known. With the mysterious and often inexplicable abilities of his stand, Weather Report’s new destructive impulse makes him capable of incredible and terrible things. The complexity of the weather made him an unforgettable character, for better or for worse.

5 Emporio alnino

Emporio Alnino holding a baseball and looking sad in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Living secretly in the green prison on Dolphin Street, Emporio is almost as much of a ghost as anything his booth creates. Despite being just a child, Emporio survived for years by sneaking into prison, using his stand and knowledge of its layout to evade detection. Her simple innocence and depth of heart are enough to even sway Anasui and Weather, who are both killers, and more than capture the hearts of fans.

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Emporio, really, has nothing to prove, being a lonely kid who has already helped the protagonists a lot, but his actions in the finale are incredibly impressive. Emporio stands up against Pucci, after seeing everyone he knows die and defeat him. Despite his situation, Emporio is a kind and compassionate boy who risks everything to help Jolyne and ultimately becomes Ocean stone hero.

4 FF

The Foo Fighters play baseball in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Foo Fighters (‘F.F’) is one of the most unique and weirdest characters of all Jojo’s bizarre adventure. Unlike Whitesnake, FF is not only a booth with a lot of personality, but also a user associated with hyper-intelligent plankton half-owning the corpse of a girl they murdered. Like many things in Jojo, it just works.

FF is driven by the concept of intellect and life experience, pledging loyalty to Jolyne because she gave FF the opportunity to live like a human. FF’s curiosity drives her to always ask questions and experiment, leading her to become more and more “human” during this series. His bow is one of the best in Ocean of stone, growing from a heap of evil swamp plankton to a fully realized being and a devoted friend.

3 Enrico Pucci

Enrico Pucci looks into the distance in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Ocean stone the main antagonist is a complicated man. Both a religious fanatic chasing the image of “paradise” and an immoral murderer contenting himself with using any method necessary to achieve DIO’s goal, Pucci is at once anxious, determined, obsessed, devoted and ruthless. Her guilt over her sister’s death fuels her obsession with fate, which further fuels her radical devotion and love for DIO, which has robbed her of all morality when it comes to reaching Heaven.

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Pucci’s goal of showing people “their true destiny” is almost right, and there’s something about his true love for DIO that proves he has heart, but it all makes him a more capable antagonist. Pucci is extremely, viciously effective and efficient, and his actions have left a permanent and long-term impact on Jojo’s bizarre adventure in general.

2 Ermes Costello

Split image of Ermes Costello staring and staring at the viewer in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Right arm of Jolyne, Ermes is one of the best sidekicks of all Jojo. Driven by her desire to avenge the murder of her beloved sister, she tries to stay emotionally distant and detached, which makes her friendship with Jolyne all the more satisfying as a character arc. Ermes often acts as the practical and pragmatic voice, orienting herself towards brutal honesty, and her ability to quickly adapt to her circumstances makes her an invaluable ally for Jolyne.

Ermes is far from afraid to reply back or say what she thinks in any situation, and is ready to use underhanded tactics to be successful – watching her design and implement her strategies is always a good time. Beneath her harsh exterior, Ermes has a real depth of emotion and a deep loyalty to Jolyne, staying there until the end.

1 Jolyne Cujoh

Jolyne Cujoh points her fingers at her head in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Ocean stone very own Jojo, the distant daughter of Jotaro Kujo turns out to be more than worthy of assuming her former role as protagonist. Starting the outdated and outdated series, Jolyne adapts to his situation fairly quickly, showing the determination the Joestars are known for. Even though she has no experience with supports, she is able to quickly master Stone Free and find creative and strategic methods for her strings.

Brash, assertive and quick-witted, Jolyne isn’t afraid of being confrontational or even violent, and doesn’t care much about breaking the rules or perhaps putting herself in danger. And while she doesn’t back down by cutting her enemies to pieces, she is ultimately a selfless and deeply moral person, doing whatever it takes to keep her friends and family safe.

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