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Every MMORPG has one thing in common, a vast and beautiful world filled with adventure and loot. As for the quests, it’s another common trope to have the main storyline that encompasses local lore and a variety of unrelated side quests to enhance the player’s immersion in the environment. Many games include “hidden” or “secret” quests as part of the spell, making finding the quests themselves part of the adventure.

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New world already has a reputation for being a bit weak in the main story department. Meanwhile, there are actually a lot of interesting quests to be found at random among the NPCs who are out in the wild for one reason or another, roaming the wilderness of Aeternum just like the player. There are still places to discover and undoubtedly a number of quests, but for those looking for inspiration, here are some of the best side and hidden quests in New world.

Quest for the Hare Master, Restless Shore

New World Hidden Secrets Easter Eggs Rabbit Island

This quest is already so notorious that it is no longer a secret, but it is so strange and yet perfectly suited to the aesthetic of New world that it should be included. There is a quest on the mainland that can lead the player to Rabbit Island, but it is not necessary to find the location and start the event.

Nothing prevents the interested player from walking along the archipelago in search of the island populated by many rabbits. Kill a certain special rabbit named Stanley and the hare master will appear to give the player a special task. Follow and obey, if you dare.

Lost Treasure, Weaver’s Swamp

Glory of the New World fishermen

Dr. Leonie Roggeveen is quite close to the main road, just west of the main settlement. There are some interesting ruins in this area, and it’s there for the story, not the fighting. That’s why she needs your help to find Nora.

One of the local landmarks in Weaver’s Fen is the Vega Bridge, which spans almost half the area, and the player must find clues left by Nora. This hands-on quest gives the player an excuse to take a closer look at the northern part of it, and the level 30 armor box, complete with a T3 item, is well worth it.

Treasure Island, Cutlass Keys

New World Hidden Secrets Easter Eggs Viking Ship Ancient Civilizations

In a game where players can create their own classes, Treasure Hunter could be one of them. This is the title that is given to Claire Fergus, as she stands by the side of a lonely road with part of a map. She doesn’t have any information on the exact origin of the map, but apparently this treasure is the legacy of famous pirate Tireless Thompson, so who’s going to say no?

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Much like the treasure hunt, it’s not as glamorous as it sounds, since only a few humble duplicates remain of the treasure. It turns out that Claire was voiced by her partner, and that drama continues in a quest chain if the player chooses to continue.

Cohabitation of bears


It’s sad, silly, and it’s a typical scenario of border life, so it must be a quest in New world. Hunter Hutchison’s entire family has been killed by bears. It’s like The ghost meets Jerimiah johnson and is perfect for the tone and vibe of that particular MMO. It’s not easy to find unless the player runs into Hunter by a happy accident on the road.

It is not just the experience of this quest that is worth seeking out. These bears are big and tough, so if a character needs more experience with weapons or wants to level up some gathering skills, mainly tracking and skinning, it’s worth looking for the unlucky hunter and helping them out. to take revenge.

History of the Stones, Weaver’s Fen

New World Biggest Fixes Bugs Problems Problems Server Capacity

This is another quest that gives the player some motivation to explore a dark place that might otherwise be overlooked. There are a lot of ruins on Aeternum, but the oldest and most mysterious are the ones left by the Ancients, and that’s what Architect Na Li needs the player’s help to find.

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Specifically, Na Li wants to find out not only how the Ancients built the Vega Bridge, but also how old it was. Bring him samples so he can prove his theory about the Age of Ruins. Take a few pieces of ancient rock from him and the reward will be a level 30 armor case. In an interesting twist, it turns out that the ruins are much older than Na Li initially thought, and this discovery leads to a quest chain with interesting lore and more loot.

Disaster Recipe, Cutlass Keys

New World Fishing Guide

Anyone would feel bad for Plute Swampy, who seems to have been traumatized when his former shipmates transformed into zombies and kicked him out of Salty Snail Fishery, which is why most players agree to give him back his pots and pans. Once he has them, however, the next step is to provide him with his recipes so that he can actually get down to cooking.

What sets it apart from the rest of this chain is the double reward. Not only is there a level 33 chest when you flip the recipe book and missing pages, but there is also a chest that the player can open to kill this quest’s mini-boss, Misanthrope Broadbin. It’s an easy quest to find in the middle of the bustling Cutlass Keys colony, which, ironically, is why so many players ignore it.

Sweet Secrets, Brightwood

Close-up of the stem of the new world watercress

Most of this chain is great once it’s been discovered, and it’s not easy to find either. NPC Yargui Khunbish stands at the junction of two small roads and his quest will send the player to the Lush Hideaway, a unique and dangerous area southeast of Brightwood. It’s about getting the right sweetener for your tea, and also something about a supernatural being and redemption.

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Unlike other parts of Aeternum, the enemies here are the natural guardian spirits of the Azoth tree as opposed to the corrupt or withered. The reward for this quest is a Level III weapon holster and a follow-up Elite Quest to kill an Arch Druid.

Mother Ocean, Cutlass Keys

new world ghost ship

Here is a quest that prompts the player to explore the islands of Cutlass Keys. It’s also a nice reminder of all those romantic stories that make the ocean the main antagonist, like Storm and Nursery rhyme of the old sailor. Wistful Billiam Rowen, whose name might be a satire, tells the story of a sunken ship and a lost sextant. Not only that, but the quest also includes sending some of Billiam’s more stubborn former teammates to their eternal rest.

There are other quests in a chain to complete, and they all offer decent rewards starting at level 30. This chain of quests is also an effective way to start exploring the Condemned Shallows, where many ships and their plentiful supply. cargo were permanently moored.

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