10 Directors Who Should Direct The MCU’s ‘Fantastic Four’ Movie

Spider-Man: No Coming Home Director Jon Watts has now swung his role to helm the upcoming Fantastic Four film for Marvel Studios.

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Watts’ departure left a huge hole for the studio to fill, as they now need a director who could helm what could be the Fantastic Four’s first blockbuster movie. Let the speculation begin, because now we’ll run through the list of 10 directors set to helm the MCU’s Fantastic Four movie.



Gareth Edwards

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Although he has decided to focus on smaller scale productions, Edwards still has experience directing hit blockbusters such as Godzilla (2014) and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Thanks to him, audiences have seen some of their favorite movie franchises reborn in a whole new way, and he could bring that kind of much-needed change to the MCU with the Fantastic Four.


Justin Lin

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Lin is famous for reinventing the Fast and Furious movies like action-packed heist movies since Fast Five. And now that Lin no longer leads the next Fast movie, he seems free to get behind the wheel in the MCU. For those who didn’t like those movies, he also helmed the underrated sci-fi adventure, Star Trek Beyondwhich shows he’s qualified to create the kind of cosmic blockbuster adventure the Fantastic Four could have.


Colin Trevorrow

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Trevorrow gave new life to the jurassic park franchise with its mega-blockbuster hit, jurassic world. He also wrote the original screenplay for the ninth episode of Star Wars, Duel of Fates, which many have hailed as a superior story to The Rise of Skywalker. Given his frequent work with Disney and the fact that he has completed the making of the third jurassic world movie, the Mouse House might consider having him direct this highly anticipated Marvel movie.


Bryce Dallas Howard

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While her father, Ron, would no doubt be a great candidate to direct this film, Bryce has proven herself to be an accomplished director with her work creating episodes for The Mandalorian and Boba Fett’s Book. Not only does she have experience directing action-packed sci-fi movies, but the way she portrayed the heartfelt bond between Din Djarin and Grogu in The Mandalorian shows that she can still portray the family love at the heart of the Fantastic Four.


Rian Johnson

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Although he made enemies among countless star wars fans for his directorial work The Last Jedi, the film has consistently garnered critical acclaim and has been praised for taking the iconic sci-fi saga in a bold new direction. But no matter what you thought of that film, Johnson proved himself to be an excellent filmmaker with the hit time-traveling thriller, looperand the deconstructive thriller, Knives out.


Jean Krasinski

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Fans finally saw Krasinski step into the superhero genre as Mr. Fantastic. But given his history as a director, particularly his success at the helm of the Quiet place movies, he could become the first person to helm an MCU film as an actor and director. He’s also had experience as an action star in projects like Amazon’s. Jack Ryan and 13 hours, which could help lead the kind of exhilarating, eye-catching adventure that Marvel Studios is known for creating. And with his excellent comedic skills honed playing Jim Halpert, he could bring the perfect blend of comedy, drama, and action essential to making an MCU movie.


Deborah Chow

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Chow has extensive experience directing episodes of hit shows like Mister Robot, Fear the living dead, You better call Sauland The Mandalorian. She also worked with Marvel in the creation of episodes of Jessica Jones and The iron fist. But more recently, Chow directed the entire upcoming Disney Plus series, Obi Wan Kenobi, which already seems to be a huge success. It’s high time she had her own hit movie!


Brad Bird

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Bird was a fan-favorite choice as a new director, and it’s understandable why he was such a popular choice. He brought a new twist to the superhero genre with his acclaimed film, The Incredibles, which was pretty much Pixar’s version of the Fantastic Four. He also directed the cult sci-fi classic, The iron giantand successfully transitioned into live action by performing Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. With such a range and expertise as an auteur, Bird could help create one of the most unique and well-directed movies in the MCU.


Sam Raimi

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Raimi reinvigorated the superhero genre with his legendary work with Spider-Man, and now that the director is back in the game with Multiverse of Madness, he might be keen to tackle Marvel’s First Family next. Raimi’s latest film has already been hailed as a standout film in the MCU thanks to its distinctive directing style, which might just be what the Fantastic Four needs to become a smash hit. And with the director’s penchant for portraying horror in his movies, Raimi could also bring a terrifying new twist to the Fantastic Four, just like he did with Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.


The Russo Brothers

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The Russians have declared that they would return as directors in the MCU provided it was for a Fantastic Four movie. The duo revitalized Captain America and the rest of the Avengers with their leadership work The Winter Soldier, Civil war, Infinity Warand End of Game. So, combined with their passion for the Fantastic Four, their vast success and experience in filmmaking make them the most qualified people to helm a film about this iconic superhero team.

Do you agree with this list? What other directors do you think could direct the Fantastic Four? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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