10 Best Musical Instruments Link Can Play

Although each entry in the Legend of Zelda series offers new ideas, mechanics, and narratives, a few common elements can be found in each. Items like the boomerang or bombs have been a staple since the original NES title, and rupees are the main currency in every iteration of Hyrule you visit.

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Another thing you might notice in every Legend of Zelda game is Link’s ability to pick up and play almost any instrument he touches. Each version of Link is a virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist – like Trent Reznor or the kid from the 2007 movie August Rush – and has played multiple magical instruments to save the day. Each instrument plays differently and has different mechanics and effects, but not all can hit the same high notes.


ten Spirit Flute – Spirit Tracks

The panpipes always seemed like an inevitable instrument for Link, especially once the mainline Legend of Zelda games started rolling out on DS. The built-in microphone on the console might seem like an intuitive way to play a wind instrument, but it ends up being more annoying than anything else.

The concept is interesting, but the execution of playing the Spirit Flute is more frustrating than it should be. The DS’s microphone is sensitive and often plays notes even when you’re not blowing into it. You will also need to turn off all the fans around you, so that it doesn’t interfere with the song. Manually blowing air into your console to play an instrument is fun, until you have to do it twenty times.

9 Grass Whistle – Twilight Princess

During Twilight Princess opening hours, Link is just a rancher in the village of Ordon. He assists locals, herds of goats, and more. If he needs a hand with his chores, he can use a grass whistle to call for help.

There are two different types of grass that Link can whistle with. Hawk Grass summons a hawk to help him reach distant objects or attack incoming enemies. Horse Grass, on the other hand, can be used to call Epona to your side. You won’t use the lawn whistle much, but its simplicity makes it stand out.

The bell is one of the easiest instruments for Link to play, and while it’s best known for its use in A Link Between Worlds, it’s been appearing in the Zelda franchise since the early ’90s. the bell was in Link: The Faces of Evil for the Philips CD-i and was used to stop flying enemies for a few seconds.

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Faces of Evil aside, the bell is best known for its ability to summon Irene the Witch, who can transport Link to any activated fast travel point in A Link Between Worlds. Hyrule and Lorule are huge, so being able to quickly move between locations saves you a lot of time and makes exploring even more fun.

seven Harp of Ages – Oracle of Ages

Many of Link’s adventures send him through time to achieve his goal. Whether he’s moving forward or backward, there’s always a vital clue or object to find. In Oracle of Ages, Link uses Harp of Ages to save the land of Labrynna from the Witch of Shadows, Veran.

The harp allows Link to travel between Labrynna’s past and present. Similar to A Link Between Worlds, there are two maps you must travel between to solve puzzles, complete quests, and save the day. The Harp of Ages is only able to play three songs, but each one makes it much easier to navigate Labrynna.

6 Flute – The Legend of Zelda

The flute – or recorder in some cases – is one of the first instruments Link finds and plays in the series. The flute is essential in the Hero of Time’s first adventure, as he must use it to drain a lake that is blocking the entrance to one of the final dungeons. You can also use the flute to teleport Link to any completed dungeon.

Flutes would continue to appear in the next two Zelda games – The Adventure of Link and A Link To The Past. It is needed to solve environmental puzzles and progress in the first, while it is used for fast travel in the second.

5 Goron Drums – Majora’s Mask

Throughout The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Link can shapeshift using a variety of masks. While navigating the mountains of the Snowhead region, he receives the Goron Mask. Whenever Link transforms into Goron, his Ocarina also transforms into Drums.

The Goron Drums – or the Drums of Sleep – allow Link to finally let go and play the rare percussion instrument. Although the drums are only needed to progress through the Snowhead region, it’s still fun to take them out to bang, or you can use them to cover one of your favorite songs.

4 Zora Guitar – Majora’s Mask

One of Majora’s Mask’s final transformations turns Link into a guitar-playing Zora. Mikau is the lead guitarist of a band made up entirely of Zora known as The Indigo-Go’s, but is fatally injured while attempting to retrieve his partner’s eggs from pirates. After Link rescues Mikau and completes his mission, the guitarist walks by and leaves his instrument and mask to Link.

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First of all, the design of the Zora guitar is amazing. The body of the guitar is the skeleton of a fish, which is metal as hell. It’s ultimately the sentimental story surrounding the guitar that elevates it above the Goron Drums, as Mikau and Lulu’s story is one of the most interesting and tragic in gaming.

3 Deku Pipes – Majora’s Mask

It’s no understatement when people say Majora’s Mask is Zelda’s weirdest title. In the opening hour, Link is ambushed by a pair of fairies and a Skull Kid. After chasing them through a harrowing cave, Link finally confronts Skull Kid, but is transformed into Deku Scrub by the mischievous antagonist.

You’ll play as Deku Scrub Link for the first two hours of the game, far longer than it takes to play as Goron or Zora. Alongside your new look is a set of Stellar Pipes that create beautiful bursts of noise every time you play them. The pipes sound great and Deku Link looks fantastic as they tower over his head.

2 Harp of the Goddess – Skyward Sword

Although not officially confirmed by Nintendo, it is often assumed that the Goddess Harp’s first appearance was in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Sheik carries a harp that looks and appears to possess the same magical qualities that Link uses in Skyward Sword.

Like most of these instruments, the Goddess Harp is essential for Link to progress in his attempts to save Zelda from Ghirahim. The songs you learn to play there will open new paths to dungeons and other locations. Playing the harp is also surprisingly fun with the motion controls, and if you play a song at the right tempo, Fi will start singing, making songs even more relaxing and enjoyable.

1 Ocarina of Time – Ocarina of Time

Not only is the Ocarina of Time the most iconic instrument Link can play, but it may also be one of the most recognizable instruments in video games. The wind instrument featured prominently in both Zelda titles for the N64 and continues to appear in games like Super Smash Bros. and Hyrule Warriors.

This mysterious relic is protected by the royal family of Hyrule and is said to overflow with endless power. Link ends up possessing it after Zelda flees Ganondorf and must use it effectively to save her and the world at large. The Ocarina of Time is able to summon storms, summon Epona, and warm your heart whenever you hear her sweet melodies.

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